Axion Network: 5 Weeks After Re-Launch

With everything seemingly perfect, Axion was ready for a relaunch. That was five weeks ago, and since then, Axion has thrived.

Published January 14, 2021 Updated 5 months ago

Launching a crypto project is difficult, complicated, and time-consuming, even when everything is going exactly as planned. However, Axion did not have that luxury, as it was hacked on the very launch day, November 2nd, and by its own subcontractor, no less.

However, Axion developers have always put their community first, and in doing so, they earned the community’s trust and support. So, when the finds were stolen from the network, Axion did not fail. It was supported by its enthusiasts, fans, investors, and alike.

Less than two weeks after the hack, the project replaced the stolen money, and it was ready for a relaunch. Things have been going very smoothly, with no hiccups, unforeseen events, or anything of the sort. Axion devs did dedicate a lot more attention to inspecting the code and auditing everything, just to ensure that the same incident doesn’t happen again.

Axion After Relaunch

Following the November 13th launch, Axion needed to start establishing itself and proving its worth to its supporters. It did this by giving back the tokens to everyone who owned them at the time of the attack. Users did not even have to pay fees or join specific exchanges. In fact, they did not have to do anything. The coins just appeared in their wallets.

Next, Axion also decided to start donating to a worthy cause — reforestation. According to its social media updates, the project decided to give 1% of the money earned through daily auctions to the Eden Restoration Project, where every $0.10 ensures that a tree will be planted.

Soon enough, Axion started with its auctions, airdrops, token buybacks, and otherwise, and it went from being hacked to a $100 million market cap rather quickly.

Before long, Axion started dedicating its attention to some major decisions, such as choosing a CTO, marketing, and the creation of its credit card.

Progress So Far

Axion’s credit card, known as Connect Card, will be a Visa card, meaning that it will be useful pretty much everywhere around the world. Also, it is a true credit card, and not just a debit card offered by other crypto card projects.

The card should arrive in January 2021, and Axion’s team and community are equally excited about what is to come.

In terms of marketing, Axion has also made some rather impressive moves to expand, especially on YouTube. YouTube influencers and crypto channels — even though in a constant battle with YouTube itself — attract a lot of attention these days, and gaining exposure on them is a great way for Axion to attract more attention.

It already received a shoutout by Ivan on Tech and some other major channels. Other than that, it created a team that worked on digital advertising, SEO, social media advertising, branding, keyword search, and a lot more. The project even offered its community members a chance to participate and submit creative ideas on Discord.

Every day, the network attracts new looks, gets new reviews written about it in countries and languages from all over the world, and soon after that, it sees a growth in the number of followers.

Lastly, as mentioned, Axion has been trying to find its new CTO. It already interviewed several candidates with impressive backgrounds in technology.

Other than that, Axion has also dedicated a lot of its attention to a major update that brought some improvements. The network was working as it was imagined, although that still revealed some flaws in the original idea, and now, Axion has found a way to polish out those flaws and make its network even safer than before.

So, all in all, it appears that the project is doing rather well. It is receiving shoutouts, organizing a great marketing campaign, it has major products on their way, and it is improving the network itself, turning it into the best version of itself as soon as it notices something that needs changing.

It is an open, honest project with great potential, and it is loved by its community despite all the difficulties that it already had to face.


Ali Raza Ali is a journalist with extensive experience in content creation, including online journalism and marketing. He holds a master's degree in finance and enjoys writing about cryptocurrencies and FintTech. Ali's work has been published on a number of major financial publications.