Long-Awaited Axion Whitepaper Finally Released

A few days ago, on March 27th, Axion finally officially released its long-anticipated whitepaper. The whitepaper is now live and available on Axion’s official website, with 60 ages covering the…

Published March 29, 2021 Updated 3 months ago

A few days ago, on March 27th, Axion finally officially released its long-anticipated whitepaper. The whitepaper is now live and available on Axion’s official website, with 60 ages covering the project’s ecosystem, where it stands, but also some hints at what is to come.

What does the Whitepaper have to Offer?

The whitepaper made Axion’s missions and goals clear and easy to understand by anyone who finds their way towards the project. Next, the paper is also clearly stating the project’s business model, as well as the solutions that it came up with.

And, of course, Axion is also presenting its ecosystem and available features in great detail, but also with great simplicity. The whitepaper is also talking about its technology, and the tech behind the token AXN, but also about Axion’s marketing and branding, extensive mathematical formulations, data, business logic, and more.

Finally, there is also a glossary, if anyone needs help to understand the terminology.

The project has put an incredible amount of time, work, and attention to detail to every part of the white paper, all with the goal of making it accessible, unique, and understandable to everyone. After all, whitepaper is the first stop for everyone looking into a new project, and from now on, Axion will have a great document representing it, its goals and roadmap, as well as its technology.

Axion specified its mission by saying that it aims to ‘build an ethical ecosystem designed for digital asset portfolio growth and a scalable passive-income solution for all investors.’ At the rate the crypto industry has been growing, this might be the perfect time for the whitepaper to go live.

Banking CDs vs Axion CDs

As everyone likely knows, Axion’s goal is to provide the crypto version of CDs (certificates of deposit). With this being its primary mission, Axion made an extra effort to explain this in the early stages of the paper, presenting the problem with legacy banking CDs, as well as the solution that the project has to offer.

As far as the problem goes, the biggest ones include low interest rates in the legacy banking sector. In fact, they are the lowest they have been in history, which really shows how fragile the economy is. The downtrend in interest rates has been a constant for decades now, and there are no signs that the situation will become any better in the near future. Even if the process were to get reversed right now, it would still take several years, or even decades, for interest rates to reach the levels where it is actually worth investing. 

Axion, on the other hand, easily generates an 8% interest rate directly to the network participants by way of fixed inflation. It offers an optimized system, created to offer scalability. It maximizes safety, security, transparency, and opportunity to earn. The interest rate that Axion offers is far more than what any traditional CD on the entire planet has to offer.

Furthermore, Axion offers rather similar features to traditional CDs, such as emergency unstake/withdrawal penalties, which incentivizes users who go for longer stake periods to fulfill their side of the bargain. And it is all done in a decentralized way, through smart contracts, guaranteeing that there will be no tricks or anything that would endanger the user or their funds.

Plus, thanks to all the bonuses and benefits that the project offers, it actually pays a lot more to lock up coins for lengthy periods. In fact, only days ago, Axion devs have revealed that 27.5% of the coin’s total supply has been staked for the longest possible period — 5555 days, or approximately 15 years.

On top of that, over ¾ of the coin’s total supply has been staked, in total. Half of the total supply has been staked for a shorter period — although that still includes several years. All in all, Axion inspires trust, it promises the ability to earn, and the figures clearly show that investors expect it to be around for years and years to come.


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