How can I transfer my AXN from old smart contract to the new smart contract?

5 months ago

On 17th December we upgraded our contract to Layer 2 – This was to fix a few key issues in the contract which were holding Axion back. Please make sure you are up to date with announcements on Discord and also watch this YouTube video which explains a lot of things. In doing so, we have had to airdrop you new tokens – Don’t worry, your funds are safe. Any stakes are still valid and you do not need to do anything. You may be seeing the old AXN in your wallet, and notice it’s value has dropped massively.

In order to see the new AXN, please follow these important steps:

Step 1: Now you have been airdropped the new L2 AXN, it’s best that you remove any old Hex2T or AXN from your Metamask, so you are not looking at the old ones. Simply open metamask, click on AXN, then the three dots at the top, and click HIDE AXN. Don’t worry, this wont delete any coins from your wallet, it will just remove this old token from view. You can always bring it back.

Step 2: To add the new L2 AXN to your metamask, you can click Add Token > Custom Token, and paste the new address: 0x71f85b2e46976bd21302b64329868fd15eb0d127 OR you can visit Axion Stats and press the ‘Add to MetaMask‘ button at the top, which is easier. You should now see the correct AXN in your metamask, and your airdropped tokens. If for any reason your tokens don’t show, please head to #support-tickets and raise a ticket.

Step 3: It’s best that you remove the old AXN from your Uniswap list, to make sure you don’t accidentally buy it. Open Uniswap and click ETH change the coin, start typing AXN and then press Remove to remove it. Now, paste the contract address 0x71f85b2e46976bd21302b64329868fd15eb0d127 and press Add to save it.

Step 4: Remove any bookmarks for old charts, DexTools, Chartex etc. The new chart link can be found by typing !chart in Discord.